Megan Evans


Pass arizona house bill 2024

Please support Arizona House Bill 2024. The measure would require that any new or used motorized boat in the state have stickers affixed at the controls and near the rear of the watercraft warning of the dangers of carbon-monoxide poisoning. Arizona's Motor Vehicles Division would issue an informational brochure with each boat newly registered. The bill would also prohibit occupying the rear swim deck, hanging onto the platform or swimming near the exhaust ports while the engine is running - activities that put the individual at greatest risk for carbon-monoxide poisoning. Fines may be added to bolster the legislation.


The Cause


To educate people on the dangers of carbon monoxide in hopes to prevent future carbon-monoxide-related drowning deaths.


The Danger

Carbon monoxide (CO) can harm and even kill you inside or outside your boat! Did you also know:

  • CO symptoms are similar to seasickness or alcohol intoxication?
  • CO can affect you whether you're underway, moored, or anchored?
  • You cannot see, smell, or taste CO?
  • CO can make you sick in seconds. In high enough concentrations, even a few breaths can be fatal?


Help Us

There is nothing harder in life than to have to bury your child. The Evans family does not want other families to have to experience what they have to endure. Educate your family, friends and neighbors about the dangers of carbon monoxide. The Evans family was aware that boats produce carbon monoxide and the gas is a threat. This is common knowledge. However, what's not common knowledge is how little it takes to be a serious threat. Spread the word and you could help save a life.